Google Voice for Canada

I have a Google Voice account, which is pretty spiffy. Except that it has a U.S. area code, which makes it not super awesome for dealing with my local clients. About a year ago, Dell Voice emerged, which was very nearly the same thing as Google Voice. They've now switched the name back to Fongo. Implemented not as well, and you have to pay if you want Canadian texting, and you have to pay more if you want North American texting. But it's about $2/mo & $3/mo respectively, so it's not too bad.

You also have to register an address, since Canadian numbers are required by the CRTC to have an address for 911 service. Stupid, I know, since you could be anywhere with your phone. Also, I have a Speakout Wireless phone that I never associated an address with so obviously it's not a total requirement.

If you're looking for for an inexpensive phone line to add on to your cell for either free or very cheap, look into Fongo.

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