Wget to Mirror Web Dir Offline


Mirroring a website directory for offline use - viewable entirely offline. We used this primarily for pulling archives from our raw audio & video archives. This doesn't work so great for dynamic content. YMMV.

  • r: Recursive
  • level=0: Recurse X levels deep, 0 is no limit
  • E: Append “.html” extension to every document declared as “application/html“
  • x: Force creating dirs
  • k: Convert links to local - good for offline viewing
  • p: Retrieve any implicit files required for offline viewing
  • erobots=off: turn off http robots.txt usage
  • np: No parent - do not ascend to parent dir when retrieving recursively
  • N: web URI

wget -r –level=0 -E –ignore-length -x -k -p -erobots=off -np -N http://domain.tld/path/to/resource/

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